About Us

We are a group of neighborhood volunteers, NOT a homeowners association.

Mission statement:  We are families of the Sierra Vista Neighborhood building a safe, supportive community by sharing information and connecting neighbors through community activities.

We are chartered by the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA).  RCONA provides the insurance for our events, can help with partial funding, and enables our use of city and park facilities.

RCONA  requires a minimum of five (5) volunteer Board members to retain “Active Neighborhood Association” status within RCONA.  Board meetings must be held at least quarterly, and one representative from the board must attend a monthly RCONA general meeting. People find the RCONA meetings very informative and it’s a great place to share and learn from other active neighborhood associations (NAs).

2022 SVNA Board of Directors & Officers:

President Ellen D. Riley
Vice President – Glenda Atwood
Secretary – Delia Snipes
Treasurer – Krissy Holst
Members at Large – Barbara Lucas
RCONA Rep – Ellen D. Riley
RCONA Rep (alternate) -board members to share responsibilities

To contact any board member, please use our contact form here